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Classifieds with no photo - Monday by 7pm
Display Ads - Friday by 12 Noon
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Non-Publication Dates:
January 1
December 25
All infringements will be prosecuted. NOTE: It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to use the mail to defraud. WE RESERVE the right to exercise our discretion in the type of
ads, selection and duration of run. We assume no liability for composition errors. Ad text may be changed at the discretion of the publisher to fit the needs of the Go
Universal Green.com publication. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, drop a note to: Customer Service Department, c/o Go Universal Green.com, 41
Melrose Avenue, Albany, NY 12203

Disclaimers and Rights:
Go Universal Green.com and its staff makes every effort to assure that ads are published correctly. Go Universal Green.com and its staff will not be held responsible or
assume any liability for typographical and composition errors, misinterpretation of advertising copy or the condition of advertised items, nor shall the advertiser be held
responsible for misprints. Go Universal Green.com reserves the right to exercise discretion in the selection, editing and duration of run; to limit number of ads per
customer, ad size; to abbreviate &; condense, to remove any ad that it suspects contains incorrect information or refuse to print ads that are contrary to its policies,
without notice to the advertiser. Go Universal Green.com reserves the right to verify the availability and proof of ownership of all advertised items. All Advertisers will
be required to advertise on a prepaid non-refundable basis, at the sole discretion of Go Universal Green.com
And those Advertisers that have adverse payment history and/or unproductive accounts may have the advertisement cancelled without notice , at the sole discretion of Go
Universal Green.com.

Copyright of Ads:
By agreeing to place an ad with Go Universal Green.com, Inc, you hereby grant Go Universal Green.com your right, title and interest in the ad under United States
copyright laws. Go Universal Green.com will have the right to publish, display all or any part of the ad and/or any derivation of the ad. In exchange for your
assignment of copyright to Go Universal Green.com, you retain, and are hereby granted, a non-exclusive right to publish, display and otherwise exploit the ad.
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